The Deck of Many, October 2020

Inspired by the precolonial culture and mythology from across the Philippines, The Islands of Sina Una provides a wealth of new options for players and game masters alike to experience these stories—so frequently forgotten via colonization or lapses in oral tradition—in their 5e campaigns. The book includes a detailed setting guide, two new base classes, twelve subclasses, magic items, spells, monsters, and more. Every choice you make carries the heartbeat of those who came before you. So what role will you choose to play in this world of monsters, mortals, and spirits?




Creature Collectors, Critical Bard

September 6, 2020 – Present

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D&D Writer and Online Content Creator.

In July 2018, Makenzie De Armas played her first game of Dungeons & Dragons. It wasn't anything terribly remarkable—just a simple quest to rescue some children from a band of hobgoblins. Yet, in terribly cliche fashion, that single game would change her life forever.

In 2019, Makenzie would make her actual-play debut in One on One: A D&D Duet Campaign, a Dungeons & Dragons 5e podcast that features a world she co-created alongside Dennis Aldea. Shortly after, she joined the casts of several streamed actual-play shows, working with various high-profile channels including Encounter Roleplay and WebDM 


This eventually led her to becoming one of the fastest emerging creative forces in the online tabletop roleplaying game community. Makenzie has since published multiple best-selling titles on DMs Guild, including the mental health adventure i've been and the ENnie award-winning magical candy supplement Knarl's Candy Compendium. She served as the lead writer for The Islands of Sina Una and co-designer of Matt Colville's upcoming Kingdoms & Warfare. At GenCon 2019, Makenzie was a featured expert on the Tabletop Role-Playing Games and Learning panel hosted by Thomas Conmy, and she organized both the Worldbuilding for Lazy Dungeon Masters and Narratives with Numbers: Storytelling Through Game Mechanics panels for PAX Unplugged 2019.

In 2020, Makenzie graduated with a BFA in Creative Writing from Chapman University and was dubbed the valedictorian of D&D. Now, Makenzie works full-time as a D&D designer and writing, working non-stop in an earnest attempt to make a more inclusive and diverse gaming space. And when she's not working, she can usually be found rock climbing, napping, and drinking a concerning amount of caffeine. Sometimes in that order.

Makenzie is currently not accepting any writing or design commissions at this time.