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The old gods are waking up.

And the sleepy college town of Old Hyperion

is their epicenter.

Scratticus Academy Season 4


"Once upon a time, this was the land of gods. This was the land of adventurers and magic, of daring heroes and their epic quests This was a land where ancient powers could come a-calling at your door and whisk you off to the most unexpected of places. A land of legends. 


And after time, that’s all it became. Legends. A story of an era, half-forgotten. Adventuring fell out of fashion, and the old gods fell asleep.


We bring ourselves into a modern world. Magic still exists, but now it runs parallel to power lines, churning conjurations in coffeemakers and swirling alongside neon signs that flicker on and off in the middle of the suburban  night. Children are taught adventuring skills not out of necessity, but out of habit, tradition. When ancient powers come a-calling, they’re often left on hold, and life just keeps leading you to the most expected of places, like ditching class on a crisp afternoon."

Drawing inspiration from American Gods and Percy Jackson, APOTHEOSIS sets a group of players into the shoes of university students living in a retro-inspired Dungeons & Dragons 5e world. When strange ancient magics begin tugging at their lives, these four students are thrust into the midst of worldbreaking gods themselves—and no one is as entirely mortal as they would like to believe.


"Let's set the world on fire—we can burn brighter than the sun."


"I'm a leading man, and the lies I weave are oh so intricate."

The Worldbreakers, Vol. 1: THE FALLEN

"I don't like your little games. Don't like your tilted stage."

The Worldbreakers, Vol. 2: THE SILVERTONGUE

"We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell."

Into the Well

"Part of life is the losing."

Tucker & The Grounds

"Before I go and hit the road, I gotta know—when can we do this again?"

Apotheosis: Roll Credits

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