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A scrappy young woman burning with magic.

Braving the world one step at the time. 

An Ongoing Cypher Campaign on Gilding Light



An Inquisitive Adept of Stealth

Who Consorts with the Dead

Age: 19                   Height: 5'5"







Carys was born to a human couple in the Grecaccia clan. But when she was a child, what was apparently a strong connection with the Beyond began to manifest dangerously within her, draining and killing nearly anything she came into contact with. 

Fearful of their daughter, her parents placed Carys in the care of Huryn, a young human lighthouse keeper living on a solitary island. This small isle eventually garnered the nickname the Specterhouse, due to the ghostly energies that would ripple off it with Carys’ volatile magic. Though her presence meant nothing substantial could grow on the isle, Huryn could travel to the mainland and get any supplies they needed once a month. Her parents would visit too, sometimes, but their appearances became scarcer as the years went on. Nonetheless, Carys grew up sheltered and safe, slowly gaining some control over her magic though never quite understanding it.

But one terrifying night led to her fleeing the Specterhouse. The next three years passed in the blur, until she found herself in the city of Port Perrinmore, where an encounter with a strange blight set her on the adventure of a lifetime...


"Have a heart like a wildflower."

Carys Endellion

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