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Riders on the Storm

A southern gal with charm,

confidence, and a cursed six-shooter. 

Scratticus Academy Season 3

Jyn Harker Portrait Transparent Bground.


CLASS: Warlock (4), The Trigger Patron / Warmage (3), House of Cards || She/Her

Variant Human (Magic Initiate—Wizard)

Age: 25                   Height: 5'6"













Jyn was, once upon a time, the prodigy daughter of the Harker family. Her father had been lucky enough to establish himself as a powerful and wealthy figure in their hometown of Blankpass, which gave Jyn the resources and time to study spellcasting—a more refined skillset, in her opinion, over the firearms and fisticuffs her older brothers preferred.

And, like many daughters of rich folk are wont to do, Jyn developed a rebellious wild streak. She fell in love with a man her father didn't approve of, married him, and lived happily for three years. 

But one night, a gang known as the Snake Eyes abducted the rest of the Harker family. Jyn returned to an empty household with only a few scattered clues to trace to her family’s location. For nearly a month, Jyn pleaded her case to any sheriff who would listen, but it quickly became apparent to Jyn that the Harker family name was tied to backhanded deals, and most viewed this kidnapping as nothing short of the devil coming to collect his dues from the corrupt family. Jyn kept trying—no one would listen. 

And so, when a tall dark stranger in the back corner of the bar propositioned her with a possible solution, she agreed to his deal without hesitation—without considering the cost.


The next night, the whispers started. The voice of that stranger echoing in her ear, guiding her hands to craft firearm infused with dark magic. With shadows creeping on the edge of her vision, Jyn found the Snake Eyes, murdered them in the dead of night, and freed her family.

She figured the whispers would stop after that, and life would return to normal. But whatever she had done had irreversibly tainted her magic with hellfire and smoke. Her own memories of her husband lay lost and forgotten—the price of such powerful magic, unbeknownst to her. And for weeks, the dark voice kept whispering in her ear, urging her to take her gun and leave forever.

And so one day she did.

Now, with her family name and responsibilities long behind her, Jyn Harker has become a renegade herself, wreathed in hellfire and black smoke. She just hopes she can keep running before her past catches up.


"I won't get to heaven—why not raise a little hell?"

Jyn Harker

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