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Keepers of the Lost

A knotted web of different worlds.

An transdimensional academy of lost stories.

And the Keepers who manage them. 

Encounter Roleplay Summer 2019


"We begin, like many good stories do, lost. And confused. It’s completely dark around you, though you can’t tell if that’s because your eyes are closed or because of more sinister reasons. In fact, you don’t know how you got here; last you remember, you were having a perfectly average day. But you feel fine. You’re not hurting, or sad, or scared—actually, it’s like you’re waking up from the best sleep of your life. Right in that liminal space between dream and awake, where everything at once feels impossible and yet too real.


And you blink a few more times, and sensations start coming into focus. The floor you’re lying on feels warm to the touch, not entirely smooth but not uncomfortable either, like a sheet of seaglass found lying in the ocean sun. And as stars start to flitter into existence in the void above you, you’re able to get up and find yourself standing in the middle of an inky expanse with four of the strangest other individuals you have ever seen."

KEEPERS OF THE LOST is a transdimensional treasure-hunting escapade streamed live on Twitch every week. Played using the Dungeons & Dragons 5e ruleset (along with supplements from Mage Hand Press), the show follows five individuals pulled from disparate realms as they search for across the dimensions for lost magical artifacts and dive deeper into the mystery surrounding the etherial Academy that has become their home.

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"Empty my heart—I've got to make room for this feeling." 

Keepers of the Lost

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