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One On One: A D&D Duet Campaign

Two reluctant champions, chosen by the gods.

Two interconnected stories sailing across the archipelago.

One world that will never be the same. 

New episodes released every other Tuesday.


"Two cities stand on opposite sides of the Promean Archipelago. The first is Esperanza, the capital of the allied city-states, a shining beacon of order throughout the islands. The second is Los Calaveros, the City of Skulls itself. Like Esperanza, Los Calaveros is a center of wealth, though its riches come from more...unsavory means—namely piracy, and the shadowy dealings of the Nightwalkers, the notorious crime syndicate that dominates much of the archipelago. Built on a network of canals snaking through the remains of shattered islands and surrounded by bayside cliffs, Los Calaveros is brimming with splendor, indulgence, and a fair share of scum and villainy alike."

Played using the Dungeons and Dragons 5e ruleset, ONE ON ONE: A D&D DUET CAMPAIGN alternates between the stories of Bree Nightwalker and Debs Rossa as they intertwine across the archipelago. Co-hosts Makenzie De Armas and Dennis Aldea switch between the player's seat and the DM's chair, working together to craft a fantastical world inspired by the Spanish Caribbean. 

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"Always laughing in the midst of power, always living in the final hour."

Welcome to Promea

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